Barrier 85: modern windows for new horizons

Premium quality at an affordable price

Barrier 85 meets the requirements in the case of an evaluation for a high quality window due to the perfect merging between aesthetic and functional dimensions.

The precise finishing turns Barrier 85 windows into an inspired investment for the future of your home. Resistant to wear and the action of time, Barrier 85 strengthens your confidence in the future.

Your future will change thanks to the diminishing of the costs for electrical energy. Now you can redirect your budget to other projects for interior design.

With the Barrier 85 joinery, the house of your dreams is one step closer to become reality.

Why choose Barrier 85 windows

First class design

The design of a home is the business card of the owner and details matter. The appearance of doors and windows is very important because these elements make the transition between different areas of the house or between outdoor and indoor.

Barrier 85 is a model capable of meeting all the aesthetic requirements due to the wide chromatic range available.

In addition, PVC Barrier windows can be plated with aluminium, a solution that guarantees resistance to mechanical shocks, but also the possibility to enjoy frames in various shades.

Safety at affordable prices

Your safety and that of your family is a subject that you need to take seriously. Fortunately, Barrier 85 A ++ comes to your aid with state-of-the-art anti-burglary systems.

Invest in open smart locking systems that can be operated by digital fingerprint or card. Home is not only a space where you feel comfortable, but also a space where you feel protected.

Moreover, Barrier 85 cares about your budget and it is available at affordable prices.

Thermal comfort in any season

Comfort is the main quality of a dream home. Barrier 85 has a high thermal coefficient that maintains a pleasant atmosphere inside your home.

The exceptional thermal insulation protects you during summer from hot temperatures, and during winter from the cold that threatens to add more zeros to your electricity bill.

Peace settles in your home

Thermal insulation goes hand in hand with sound insulation. Thanks to the quality profiles, the hardware and the galvanized steel reinforcement, peace will move into your house.

Because we know how precious comfort is, we have prepared a Barrier 85 profile adapted for PVC thermal insulation doors.

  • Barrier 85: technical characteristics and performance
  • Frames: visible height of 70 mm;
  • Fittings: 1.5 mm and 2 mm;
  • Sashes: Z77 (57 mm) with 1.5 or 2 mm fittings;
  • Post: 92 mm;
  • Blind post: 75 mm;
  • Seals: grey, coextruded for white and two-colour profiles on white body, black on coloured profiles on brown or grey body;
  • Thermal insulation glazing rods: 44 mm and 50 mm;
  • Joining profiles: 90-degree angle, variable angle, “H” profile, reinforcement profile with cap, and reinforcing – expansion profile;
  • Casement supplementation: 15 mm frame extension, 35 mm, 60 mm, 100 mm and solbank;
  • Available colours: white; anteak, cremeweiss, wheat, weiss – on white body and grey seals; wheat basalt, anthracite grey – on grey body and black seals; black VLF, braun genarbt, mooreiche, walnut, dark oak on brown body with black seals; bicolour on white body with grey seals;
  • Drainage holes: on the front of the casement or in the lower part (for solbank);
  • Thermal insulation coefficient – profile: up to 1.1 W/m²k;
  • Thermal insulation coefficient – glass: up to 0,6 W/ m²k;
  • Available thicknesses of the glazing unit: 44 mm and 50 mm;
  • Noise protection: up to 4th class;
  • Anti-intrusion protection: up to the RC2 class
  • Profile depth: 85 mm, with 3 seals (median gasket);
  • Number of chambers: 6;
  • Gaskets: 3 rows;
  • Hardware: Roto, with visible or hidden hinges