Barrier product range

Discover the Barrier technology for a quieter future

Our desire, within the Barrier family, is to participate in creating a more peaceful future. We believe that every design needs quality products, scalable solutions that are able to meet specific needs.

Comfort is not an option, regardless of our passions. Comfort can be interpreted differently by each of us. However, there is always a solution that can offer us the peace and security of a future we are looking forward to.

Discover the Barrier technology, products and innovations for residential and industrial designs.

Because home is wherever you feel good.

Modern windows, for modern needs

The Barrier windows are designed to meet the current needs of everyday life. Featuring unmatched high noise and thermal insulation, the windows will become the favourite place in every home. Enjoy natural light and comfort indoors, regardless of the season.

Moreover, the hardware, accessories and design of the Barrier windows will be adapted to the specific features of each design.

Discover the full range of PVC windows:

Descoperă toată gama de ferestre din PVC:

Barrier solutions for large-span spaces

The same quality and performance of the Barrier windows and hardware is present in the products dedicated to large-span spaces.

Whatever the specific features of your home, you will find a technology you will enjoy every day. We offer folding and sliding doors with various features for modern walls with large glass surfaces.

Barrier solutions help you bring the terrace closer to your home and turn each wall into an impressive window. All while you can enjoy the same thermal and sound comfort that we have made you become accustomed to.

Discover Barrier products for large-span areas:

Doors for industrial or residential areas

The access area is the busiest regardless of the segment, residential or industrial. That is why the doors enabling the smooth running of the activities in this area must observe characteristics specific to each design.

Barrier garage doors will integrate seamlessly into the automation systems fitted in smart homes and will provide the comfort each of us expects when we imagine our ideal home.

The industrial segment benefits from garage doors of the highest quality both in terms of materials used and of performances achieved. Each access area will be used to its full potential, with an emphasis on security, safety, efficiency and comfort each employee must enjoy every day.

Check out the Barrier products:

Windows and doors for home comfort

Projects with character that stand out, require the best fit between design and performance.

Barrier designs aluminium windows and doors that make the most of every detail of the building. Whether you want to modernize a space, or to accessorize it from the start as you wish, the Barrier products will impress you from the first use.

Each solution you choose guarantees above standard noise and thermal insulation, quiet handling and also the security of the interior space.

Discover the specific features of each product:

Secure and modern entrance doors

The design details of the Barrier entrance doors summarize the entire experience of our team. The projects and the innovations we have implemented have helped us to create high performance entrance doors.

Each product ensures the security of the interior space without forgetting the specific qualities of the Barrier windows and joinery. You will continue to enjoy the noise insulation for relaxing moments indoors and the thermal insulation, no matter what the temperature outside is.

Find the right door for your project:

Thermal and visual comfort

Barrier roller shutter can be fitted quickly and easily either on existing joinery or for windows to be installed. They are of the highest quality due to the materials used and the comfort they provide for the interior space.

The roller shutters allow the adjustment of the light intensity during the day, thermally insulate the room during hot summers, or when the frost is relentless. It also protects windows and joinery by preserving the original design or by protecting against intrusion attempts.

Discover other benefits of using Barrier roller shutters:

Thermal comfort in each space

The glazing is the largest and most sensitive surface of a window. The quality of the glazing is responsible for the thermal and acoustic comfort inside the home, regardless of what happens outside.

Therefore, we recommend the Barrier thermal insulation glazing for quality windows that meet all your needs. Featuring specific properties and characteristics, our glazing guarantees the most efficient results in terms of the thermal and noise insulation level of a home.

Discover the innovations of the Barrier thermal insulation glazing: