Barrier 80, the highest performance windows made of PVC

Superior features, in just 80 millimetres: premium windows affordable by anyone

Barrier 80 is a technological unit that summarizes all our experience in the design and production of PVC windows and doors. Using the same materials used in the manufacture of classic PVC windows, with dimensions of only 80 millimetres, we have achieved superior performances, never reached before.

The geometrical reconfiguration, the repositioning of the part system and the use of the best materials have allowed us to develop a window that amazes from all perspectives.

Barrier 80 is the highest step reached by PVC windows. Everything at your fingertips, affordable and fully customisable.

Why choose the Barrier 80 windows

Top performance in just 80 mm

A well-made window is a window that brings comfort to your space. We redesigned the geometry of the classic PVC windows and managed to achieve unmatched performance, for a thickness of only 80 millimetres.

Barrier 80 is the technological peak in PVC windows, successfully combining the premium, fully customisable look with surprising results. Enjoy thermal and acoustic comfort every moment.

Invest smartly in durable solutions. You have the best price for windows that will change the way you feel when you spend your time inside your home.

Thermal insulation up to 50% higher

Barrier 80 offers up to 50% more thermal insulation compared to standard windows. Save year by year and forget about the monthly costs.

Barrier 80 windows will reduce heat loss in winter and protect the interior from heat in summer. Feel comfortable regardless of the season and enjoy more natural light throughout the year.

Noise reduced up to 22 times

With Barrier 80 the noise of traffic, cars and neighbours will be a thing of the past. Nothing will disturb your well-being.

Given the special geometry of the air chambers and the improved seal configuration, the Barrier 80 windows reduce the noise from outside by up to 22 times compared to standard windows.

No more noise pollution.

Synthesis profiles, SYNEGO

Given the new geometry and new manufacturing technologies, the Barrier 80+ windows are fitted with SYNEGO synthesis profiles.

Thus, we managed to achieve better performance using the same materials: a third level of sealing, 7 chambers in the frame, 6 chambers in the sash, middle seal, air-tightness, noise insulation, thermal insulation, energy saving and anti-intrusion safety. These are the main features that make Barrier 80+ windows truly amazing.

Up to 10 times better anti-intrusion protection

Barrier 80 provides up to 10 times better anti-intrusion protection compared to standard windows. Depending on the specific features of each project, you can opt for different solutions to enhance the security of the windows you choose.

Always assess risk situations and choose the best solution for the safety of your space.

Aluminium plating in your favourite colours

Effortlessly get a unique design. Choose aluminium plating to add character to your windows. Colour the frames in your favourite shades and let your creative spirit speak.

In addition, aluminium plating increases the resistance of windows to weather and improves thermal and noise insulation. And your windows will look flawless regardless of the season.

Barrier 80: technical characteristics and performance

  • profile made of: PVC
  • excellent thermal insulation: Uf = 0.94W/m²K
  • optimal noise insulation: Rw, p = 47 dB
  • anti-intrusion protection: up to the RC 3 class
  • profile thickness: 80 mm
  • visible profile height: 117 mm
  • number of chambers: 7 chambers – casement, 6 chambers – sash
  • seals: 3 rows
  • hardware: Roto with visible hinges on the casement or hidden in the recess, called Roto Designo
  • glazing units: 3 sheets of glazing: 42 and 50 mm
  • extended range of colours – coating or painting
  • aluminium plating on the outside, optional
  • extended range of colours – coating or painting