HST Geneo sliding doors with lifting system

High quality materials and exceptional design

Your home is a long-term investment that requires responsibility and involvement. The furniture must be chosen carefully, in accordance with the highest aesthetic and quality standards. Follow the same principle in the case of finishing and spans that facilitate the transition between rooms or between indoor and outdoor.

For access areas with an inspired design, but also resistant, the Barrier experts offer you HST Geneo sliding doors with lifting system, made of Hightech RAU_FIPRO material. The materials used amplify the energy performance of Barrier HST doors, as well as wind and rain showers tightness.

Barrier HST doors are the ideal glazing option for large spaces, facilitating the transition from living room to areas such as open balconies, gardens or terraces.

Why choose the HST Geneo sliding doors with lifting system

High thermal coefficient and guaranteed sound insulation

As you have noticed, the Hightech RAU_FIPRO material provides superior thermal insulation of the access area. For exceptional thermal insulation, the HST sliding doors with lifting system are equipped with heat barrier fittings and multi-chamber frames.

The high degree of tightness is provided by the continuous sealing gaskets, with vulcanized corners. Thanks to these components, the sliding doors are protected against drafts, dust, rain showers, but also heat loss.

The high quality frames, profiles, fittings and hardware also contribute to impeccable sound insulation. The Barrier HST doors successfully cope with a 42 dB interference.

Under these conditions, you can quietly enjoy your coffee every morning and you can enjoy peaceful evenings after the demanding work schedule. With HST Geneo sliding doors, exterior intrusions will become history.

Protection against burglary for your family’s safety

A functional access area is not complete if it does not give you the certainty that you are 100% protected against burglary attempts. A chic house is always in the spotlight, so it’s good to be careful and prepared.

Fortunately, the HST Geneo sliding doors can be equipped with effective burglar alarm systems that turn any burglary attempt into a total failure. Thanks to the anti-burglary systems provided by Barrier professionals, your access area remains immune to mechanical shocks.

Thanks to these responsibly configured systems, you can fully enjoy going out with friends or on holidays that involve a longer absence.

Resistance and high degree of manoeuvrability

The HST Geneo sliding doors with lifting system are durable assemblies thanks to the steel reinforcement. The good news is that they can be permanently improved by installing 53 mm thick thermal insulation windows or by cladding with aluminium profiles.

Despite these durable materials, the Barrier HST doors are easy to handle thanks to the special system of smooth lifting and sliding.

Chromatic range that meets your taste

The modern and minimalist design is also enhanced by the varied chromatic range as in the case of the classic carpentry. To give a more pleasant look to your access area, you can choose imitation wood or plain decoration foils on white profiles. For basic bodies, the available colours are brown or caramel.

The frame profile and the median closure profile are only available in white lime. In addition, these glazed surfaces invite natural light into your home, so you can always enjoy a pleasant ambiance.

HST Geneo doors with lifting system: technical characteristics

  • Span type: sliding with lifting system, in parallel;
  • Material: RAU_FIPRO and RAU_PVC (cadmium or Pb free);
  • Gaskets material: RAU_SR, RAU_PREN (black, grey);
  • Profile / fold constructive depth: 203 mm/ 86 mm;
  • Maximum thickness of the thermo-insulated window: 53 mm;
  • Visible profile width: 63 mm;
  • Visible fold width: 97 mm;
  • Maximum weight of the folding: 400 kg;
  • Maximum dimensions of the folding (L x H): white (up to 3000 x 2700 mm) / colour (up to 2600 x 2600 mm);
  • Thermal insulation coefficient: up to 1.3 W/ m2K;
  • Wind resistance: up to class B3 according to DIN EN 12210;
  • Water tightness: up to class 9A according to DIN EN 12208;
  • Wind tightness: class 4 according to DIN EN 12207;
  • Permanent functioning: class 2 DIN EN 12400;
  • Sound insulation class: up to 42 dB;
  • Burglary resistance class: up to RC2 according to DIN EN 1627;
  • Colours range: KALEIDO COLOR (decoration foil, wood imitation or plain, aluminium plated).