Barrier Smart Slide doors

functional design for stylish spaces

Amplify the space and light in your home

Barrier Smart Slide doors are a flexible assembly, easy to install and use in any space. Whether you plan to give a modern look to your home or make quality renovations, sliding doors help you with their attractive and functional design.

If you want to fit into the latest interior design trends, Smart Slide sliding doors represent the final touch. The advantage is that these doors allow the creation of a large glazed surface that can reach the maximum size of 5.85 x 2.5 m.

A door that is the size of a wall guarantees you a high degree of brightness and visibility, but also the expansion of your personal space. Smart Slide doors do not work by opening the hinges that reduce living space.

Why choose Barrier Smart Slide doors


Efficient operation for modern houses

The attractive design of the Smart Slide doors is complemented by a practical advantage: the ingenious closing mechanism which requires efficient and fast operation.

The operation mechanism of the sliding door allows the smooth closing in the frame, transforming the assembly into an easily manoeuvrable one.

Invest with confidence in the Barrier sliding doors that have been awarded for reliability and durability at the Fensterbau Frontale in Nürnberg.

Where technology meets exceptional thermal insulation

Thermal comfort is another strong point of Smart Slide doors. Energetic performance is achieved through the premium quality of the entire set: profiles, frames, fittings, thermal insulating glass and hardware.

By rotating the handle, the sash seals fit perfectly, being pressed transversely by the wing along the entire perimeter. This mechanism turns sliding doors into real shields against extreme temperatures.

Top functionality and design in one door

Smart Slide doors successfully meet all the aesthetic requirements imposed by our customers. Our models are available in a wide range of decorative foils that offer the possibility to choose your favourite colour shade.

In addition, Smart Slide doors can be plated with aluskin aluminium layers, an option that further varies the colour range available. The harmonious combination of functional and aesthetic transforms sliding doors into the perfect alternative for a stylish home.

100% guaranteed safety

After arranging your home like a real designer, you deserve a holiday of relaxation and fun. But first of all, you can’t prepare for the road if you don’t have a perfectly secured house.

Fortunately, Smart Slide doors can be equipped with efficient locking systems that prevent attempted burglary.

Barrier solutions are easy to install and surprise you with an affordable price so you can save for a well-deserved vacation.