Our story from the beginning to the present 

The quality and the promises kept recommend us

Welcome to Barrier, the place where creativity, strictness and quality combine to make the best products from PVC and aluminium joinery. Our story began in 1995, when the Electric Plus family business was established. Our desire to stand out on this market made us strive to create the Barrier brand and to promise to constantly grow.

After more than 20 years of activity, we are honoured to have contributed to the comfort of thousands and thousands of customers. The road to Barrier’s success of today has been littered with many obstacles, but each challenge helped us become one of the strongest brands in the field of PVC joinery manufacturers.

Our work is not limited to the manufacture of PVC and aluminium doors and windows. We have always wanted to offer more than quality products. Therefore, we have made available our resources to set up the Barrier Association, a large project which enables us to support many social initiatives.  

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Barrier, a reliable partner

The desire to satisfy every customer guides us in our daily work. Regardless of the requirements, we are always ready to promptly meet your needs. The Barrier professionals are with you from the very beginning and offer you customized, simple and reliable solutions for your space. We are with you at every stage, from choosing the right PVC or aluminium doors and windows to manufacturing them.

We know that the demands of our customers translate into comfort, superior quality and durability. That is why we use state-of-the-art materials and technologies for unmatched PVC products.

The relationship with each customer is important to us. We always strive to deliver on our promises. We are convinced that honesty is the basis of long-term collaborations and our key to the hearts and homes of as many Romanians as possible. 

Barrier, a story about wonderful people

We are grateful to have over 600 employees who share the Barrier vision: creating the best PVC and aluminium joinery products. Our company’s experts are always eager to work with the latest innovative materials and techniques to meet the desires of our customers.

We believe that lifelong learning is an important part of success. Therefore, we support the development of the skills of each employee through integration programmes and specialisation training. This is how the Barrier Academy was born, the place where our professionals attend periodic trainings.

The skills of the people in our team, the passion and attention to detail are the basis of the quality products we have offered since establishment.