Barrier 75: windows for the comfort of your home

Invest in sturdy windows for a carefree future

We know you want a more comfortable lifestyle, no matter the profile of your home. That is why we created Barrier 75, a premium window that you can enjoy both now and in the future.

Invest in windows that are ready to successfully face the weather, regardless of the season.

Choose modern solutions helping you save energy and live more peacefully. Barrier windows are safe and they soundproof your home so you can enjoy a new lifestyle.

Why choose the Barrier 75 windows

Functional design

We know that, first and foremost, the looks of your home matter to you. The design of the Barrier 75 windows makes the most of the aesthetic demands we gladly receive from our customers. Thus, the PVC windows have a harmonious volume with a functional design, adaptable to any type of construction.

Unbeatable price

Barrier solutions are a smart investment, an investment in a comfortable future. Barrier 75 windows guarantee premium quality at an unbeatable price. And because we know that each design is unique, we offer you customized solutions.

Long service life

An investment in the future is an investment that is not only rapidly recovered. It is an investment that does not take into account the passage of time. With the Barrier 75 windows you enjoy perfect performance and functionality over a long service life. The 70 mm profile is fitted with a rectangular steel fitting reinforced around the perimeter. In short, the hardware is configured to ensure optimal and constant operation.

Sound insulation

Sound insulation is achieved when all the elements of the window work together. The Barrier 75 window unit consists of high-quality glazing and profiles with excellent soundproofing properties. The practical advantage? All the noises outside the house are eliminated for perfect peace inside.

Thermal insulation

Regardless of the season we feel most comfortable in, our well-being inside should not be influenced by external factors. Choose Barrier 75 windows to thermally insulate your home. The windows are fitted with SuperLowE (super low emissivity) thermal insulation glazing, with warm spacers (Warm Edge Technology) and with 2 or 3 sheets of glazing.

Energy savings

Reduce energy consumption both in summer, but especially in winter. Learn how to reduce the costs of cooling, heating and lighting by choosing high-performance windows that allow natural light to enter while guaranteeing truly efficient thermal insulation.

Barrier 75: technical characteristics and performance

  • Frames: with depths of 70 mm, 65 mm and 55 mm with a 40 mm or 65 mm renovation fin;
  • Fittings: 1.5 mm and 2 mm;
  • Sashes: Z77 (57 mm), Z105 (85 mm) and T105 (85 mm), Z120(100 mm) and T120 (100 mm);
  • Post: 84 mm and 104 mm;
  • Blind post: 64 mm;
  • Seals: grey, coextruded for white and two-colour profiles on white body, black on coloured profiles on brown or grey body;
  • Thermal insulation glazing rods: 24 mm and 40 mm;
  • Joining profiles: 90-degree angle, variable angle, “H” profile, reinforcement profile with cap, and reinforcing – expansion profile;
  • Casement supplementation: 25 mm frame extension, 40 mm frame extension, 40 mm renovation fin and solbank;
  • Available colours: white; anteak, cremeweiss, grey, weiss – on white body and grey seals; basalt grey, anthracite grey – on grey body and black seals; black VLF, braun genarbt, mooreiche, walnut, dark oak on brown body with black seals; bicolour on white body with grey seals;
  • Drainage holes: on the front of the casement or in the lower part (for solbank);
  • Aluminium threshold: 20 mm, universal;
  • Thermal insulation coefficient – profile: up to 1.3 W/m²k
  • Thermal insulation coefficient – glazing: up to 0.6 W/m²k
  • Available thicknesses of the glazing unit: 24 mm and 42 mm
  • Noise protection: up to 4th class
  • Anti-intrusion protection: up to the RC2 class
  • Profile depth: 70 mm, with 2 seals
  • Visible profile width: 115 mm
  • Number of chambers: 5
  • Seals: 2 rows
  • Hardware: Roto, with visible or hidden hinges