The beginnings and the development of the Barrier production

Dreams and ambitions fulfilled

We remember with excitement when we started the production of PVC joinery. At that time, joinery products with thermal insulation glazing were a novelty, as was the Barrier project. 300 square meters and only 10 employees: this was the capacity of our production centre. Nevertheless, our constant desire to grow and the ambition to manufacture high-quality PVC windows and doors guided us towards the next major step. 

In 2008, our factory was modernized by setting up a new production line, intended to meet the increasing demands of the market. Today, the Barrier production centre is located near Bacău, has an area of 35.000 m2 and is one of the best performing factories in the field.

The state-of-the-art technologies we use and the quality of the PVC and aluminium products we make are just two of our strengths. Beyond the technical aspects, we pride ourselves on the safe working conditions provided by the Barrier factory. The employees are part of the key to our success and we could not speak about the future of the Barrier production centre in the absence of a favourable context. 

Barrier production: here and abroad

The capacity of the Barrier production centre meets the demands and desires of our customers in the country and abroad. Every day we produce over 1.500 units of thermal insulation glazing and more than 1.000 units of PVC products. Monthly, we produce over 2.000 units of sectional doors and roller shutters. 

The PVC and aluminium windows and doors are distributed nationally through a network of over 300 distributors. 

About 15% of our production is exported to Europe, in countries such as: Italy, France, Belgium and Germany. The remarkable results obtained so far urge us to expand the activity of the Barrier production centre in the coming years and to export to other European countries as well.

We are investing in Barrier’s future

We focus every day our efforts on making and offering the best PVC and aluminium joinery products. Our wishes and goals are constantly supported by the Barrier experts. 

The activity of the Barrier production centre is not limited to the manufacture of PVC and aluminium doors and windows. Our experts also handle research and testing projects, so that we can innovate and meet the requirements of our customers faster and easier.

The improvement of the production and the development of the Barrier factory according to the market requirements are due to the experience and long-term vision of our team. 

For more details about our factory or the products we offer, please visit the About Barrier, Barrier Team or Digital Materials pages.