Barrier doors for large-span spaces

A door that turns every space into a terrace

Barrier doors for large-span spaces are specially designed to provide a high degree of comfort. Regardless of the specific features of the project and the sector they are intended for, the Barrier solutions are perfectly adaptable and customisable.

Why choose the Barrier entrance doors?

Performance recommends them first and foremost.

We know that large spans are primarily a challenge for door efficiency in terms of thermal insulation from the inside. Therefore, our products are made of high-quality materials that include both the profiles, the hardware and the windows themselves.

The resulting unit can provide the effective noise and thermal insulation of each large-span space. Therefore, you save energy regardless of the season without giving up any natural light.

In short, you benefit from a door as large as a wall, for a terrace as you imagined.

Barrier door types for large-span areas

Innovative solutions for large-span areas

Folding doors

Folding doors provide unrestricted mobility for high freedom of span due to the accordion-type system made of folding-mobile panels that fold and slide. This type of door solves the problem of the cross member and allows full span for unlimited access to the outdoor space.

Sliding doors

Want an entire glass wall for a bright surface and a direct view to the outside? The Barrier sliding doors can be up to 10 meters in size and save space thanks to their practical opening, compared to swinging sashes. All while you enjoy outstanding performance in terms of thermal insulation of the interior space.

Smartly use the space with premium sliding doors