Barrier 100, windows specially designed for passive houses

Live comfortably and safely with windows that perfectly insulate your home

Passive houses are about comfort and efficiency. A unit in which all the pieces work together to create a comfortable and healthy space, without energy loss and without classic heating systems.

We designed the Barrier 100 windows bearing in mind projects for houses that do not need conventional heating solutions. We know that every home is unique and that is why our windows can be adapted to the specific features of each space.

The result?

Remarkable efficiency for unmatched results. Discover the Barrier 100 windows and only focus on your perfectly harmonized home.

Why choose the Barrier 100 windows

Premium quality

Barrier 100 is an upper end window ready to handle extreme weather and environmental conditions.  

Featuring up to Class 5 noise protection and up to Class WK3 anti-intrusion protection, Barrier 100 will perfectly handle rain showers, storms or strong air currents.

The premium quality of the window means precise results in terms of thermal insulation throughout the year and wear-resistant hardware. Our quality translates into top performance for homes that stand out.

Unmatched thermal insulation and tightness

Barrier 100 respects the characteristics of passive houses. This is why our windows provide minimal air loss: air/hour losses are less than 60% of the air volume inside the house.

The efficiency of the windows is due to the 3 rows of coextruded seals, as well as to the highest quality materials used in the manufacture of windows: REHAU top profiles, 3-glass sheet glazing units and ROTO LUX hardware.

REHAU top profiles

The technology used to make Barrier 100 windows with REHAU Heneo PHZ profiles is perfectly suited to the passive house insulation requirements.

The glazing panels used, with inert gas insert, are provided with insulated rods. In addition, the mass reinforcement of the profiles does not require a steel fitting as well, thus reducing the risk of generating thermal bridges and allowing sufficient space for the insertion of the insulating thermo-modules in the profile chambers.

Resistance for home protection

Barrier 100 guarantees more than perfect thermal insulation. The windows also provide high resistance, so you can enjoy the same unmatched performance for as long as possible.

Both the glazing and the frames and profiles provide protection against intrusion attempts. Depending on each requirement, you can opt for higher or lower safety levels.

Analyse the risk level of the space and choose the right solutions for the security of your home.

The best quality hardware

The types of fittings produced for Barrier 100 are part of the ROTO Lux range. You can choose between visible or hidden hinges and you can opt for special locking elements for added safety.

Each window can be customized with different accessories and hardware, depending on the desired safety class. Ease of handling and durability are the main features of the ROTO Lux hardware, a distinctive element of the Barrier 100 windows.  

Top windows plated with aluminium

Barrier 100 windows allow aluminium plating. Get a distinctive design and choose to colour your windows the way you want. A lot of possibilities and options are available for you to harness your creativity.

The aluminium plating will increase the durability of the windows as well as their efficiency in terms of thermal and noise insulation. In addition, your windows will always look perfect, regardless of the vagaries of the weather.

Barrier 100: technical characteristics and performance

  • profile made of: RAU – FIPRO® (mass reinforced PVC)
  • thermal insulation coefficient: Uf up to 0.79W/m2K
  • noise insulation class: 5 (glazing = 50 dB, RwP = 47 dB)
  • anti-intrusion protection up to the WK3 class (WK2/without steel)
  • profile thickness: 86 mm
  • visible profile width: 115 mm
  • number of chambers: 6 chambers
  • chamber wall thickness: 3 mm
  • seals: 3 rows (with middle seal), grey
  • hardware: ROTO with hidden or visible hinges
  • glazing units: (min/max, mm) 44 – 52 mm
  • profile surface: HDF – smooth, easy to maintain
  • extended range of colours – coating or painting

aluminium plating on the outside, optional