Smartly use the space with premium sliding doors

Who says a wall can’t be made entirely of glass?

The large span areas allow the glazing of the space to obtain a modern, bright and relaxing room. And if you worry about the outside noise and the heat loss, forget everything you thought so far.

Barrier solutions for sliding doors transform the wall into a huge window. Moreover, they give you the opportunity to have an opening to the outside as large as a wall. All these without losing the indoor comfort you are used to.

Sliding doors can be made from the Barrier 70, 80+ and 100 series of profiles, which means you will enjoy above-standard noise and thermal insulation. And, last but not least, you will protect your home through systems that are resistant to intrusion attempts.

Functional design for stylish spaces

Barrier Smart Slide

Barrier Smart Slide doors are a flexible assembly, easy to install and use in any space. Whether you plan to give a modern look to your home or make quality renovations, sliding doors help you with their attractive and functional design.

Barrier Patio Alversa

Each interior design plan challenges you to find the perfect solution to combine aesthetics and functionality. At Barrier, we have chosen to respond to this challenge through the Barrier Roto Patio Alversa doors, ideals for expanding personal spaces.

Panoramic view of your favourite landscape

High quality materials and exceptional design

Barrier HST Geneo

For access areas with an inspired design, but also resistant, the Barrier experts offer you HST Geneo sliding doors with lifting system, made of Hightech RAU_FIPRO material. The materials used amplify the energy performance of Barrier HST doors, as well as wind and rain showers tightness.