Barrier 70 windows: above-standard comfort

Thermal comfort and noise insulation for your spaces

When fitting out more than just living spaces, you must establish implementation stages for your project. 

Choosing windows is one of the first steps you need to take. That is why you need efficient, reliable and long-lasting solutions. But, especially, you need investments that will not affect your budget.

Barrier 70 are the windows you can invest in with confidence. With Barrier 70 you have many advantages, all for the right price for the project you need to complete.

Why choose the Barrier 70 windows

The peace and security of a quality window

Barrier 70 windows provide above-standard thermal and noise insulation. The windows are fitted with high performance hardware and glazing units for a high degree of insulation. In addition, windows are resistant to extreme weather conditions such as wind gusts or rain showers. Year by year you save on energy bills both during summer, but especially during winter.

Balanced price for the success of your projects

We have designed the Barrier solutions to be the most effective regardless of the specific features of your project. That is why Barrier 70 windows are long-term investments, recoverable in a short time. The cost will not destabilize your budget and will be in line with the space to be fitted out or modernized. We design customized solutions to provide products that are perfectly adaptable to each project.

Perfect for rehabilitation and modernisation works

In rehabilitation and modernisation projects, the replacement of old windows can often not be avoided. Barrier proposes windows featuring performances above those characteristic of older generation PVC joinery, in a horizon of 5, 6 years. And you will benefit from lower heating bills and the reliability of the windows over time from the first months of use.

REHAU Euro-Design 70 profiles

The REHAU Euro-Design 70 profiles combine the high performance of high-quality windows with a smart investment. In short, you will invest a fair amount that does not affect your budget. You will of course benefit from premium windows that will help you recover up to 75% of the energy you used to lose before deciding to change your old windows.

Distinctive design

Barrier 70 windows are fitted with REHAU Brillant-Design profiles that highlight every design feature. Thus, you have windows of the highest quality the looks and style of which modernize the space to be fitted out. The high degree of brightness provides a premium image and the High Definition Finishing (HDF) surface formula developed by REHAU allows for easy window maintenance.

Increased impact protection

Barrier 70 windows provide anti-intrusion protection as they are fitted with special ROTO Lux hardware. Along with the sturdy hardware, the 3-sheet glass unit ensures optimal protection against heavy tools, including claw bars. In addition, the window can be fitted with locking elements that enhance the degree of safety inside.

Barrier 70: technical characteristics and performance

  • profile made of: PVC
  • thermal insulation coefficient: Uf up to 1.3 W/m²K
  • noise insulation class: 4
  • anti-intrusion protection: WK2
  • profile thickness: 70 mm
  • visible profile width: 96 mm
  • number of chambers: 5 chambers
  • chamber wall thickness: 3 mm
  • seals: 2 rows
  • hardware: Roto with visible hinges on the casement
  • glazing units: (min/max, mm) 24 – 40 mm
  • extended range of colours – coating or painting