Barrier windows: optimal solutions for each design

Highly durable and performing Barrier windows made of PVC

Each project is unique. Whether it is about living spaces, residential areas, industrial complexes, or locations where you want to start a local business, your project needs solutions that can be adapted to specific requirements.

And the selection of the PVC windows is the most important step you will go through for each project.

Barrier offers diversity in this regard along with specialized support and consultancy. We have customizable solutions for each type of space and offer high performance windows of the highest quality.

Regardless of the product you choose, we assure you that you will benefit from:

  • Durable windows which maintain their quality over time.
  • High performance products at affordable prices regardless of the specific features of the design.
  •  Thermal and noise insulation that will impress you from the first use.
  • Various customisation solutions and design that meet your expectations.
  • Profiles, hardware and accessories of the highest quality.
  • Enhanced protection against intrusion attempts.

Barrier solutions for PVC windows:

Barrier 75 windows

Choose the Barrier 75 window for the best value for money. A window that helps you enjoy thermal comfort indoors regardless of the weather outside, along with a premium design that will maintain its appearance for a long time.

Invest in sturdy windows for a carefree future

Confortul termic și izolația fonică pentru spațiile tale

Barrier 70 windows

A perfect window for rehabilitation and modernization works, Barrier 70 will not let you down. Choose the advantages of high-quality profiles provided with enhanced protection against impact. Moreover, choose a premium solution that will help you recover up to 75% of the energy you used to lose before deciding to change your old windows.

Barrier 80 windows

Barrier 80 is our highest performing PVC window. You will get technical features and premium performance in a package with surprising design details – all the advantages of a premium window in an assembly of just 80 millimetres.

Superior features, in just 80 millimetres: premium windows affordable for anyone

Premium quality at an affordable price

Barrier 85 windows

Barrier 85 meets the requirements in the case of an evaluation for a high quality window due to the perfect merging between aesthetic and functional dimensions.

Barrier 100 windows

Specially designed for passive house projects, Barrier 100 windows summarize all our experience with windows and profiles capable of guaranteeing difficult to match thermal and noise insulation. Complete your passive house project by choosing technical solutions that exceed expectations.

Live comfortably and safely with windows that perfectly insulate your home