Quality PVC joinery services

The promptness and guarantee of each project

The wishes and ambitions of the Barrier team do not only relate to creating the best PVC and aluminium products, but also offering flawless PVC joinery services. Our experts in the field are ready to guide you whenever you need, so you can enjoy the home of your dreams. 

Depending on your needs and desires, we provide you with a variety of PVC joinery services, which come to complement the Barrier products we offer.

Here’s what we can help you with:

Hardware for windows

Take advantage of the premium quality of the hardware and enjoy your windows for as long as possible. Discover the catalogue of window handles and choose the ones that fit your home. 

Enjoy the Barrier windows for a long time

Choose the Barrier door locking systems

Hardware for doors

Your and your family’s safety is the most important thing. We offer a variety of door locking systems that meet even the highest demands. View the available products and select the ones that fit your home. 

Barrier colours

Give a personal touch to your space. Whether you want to change the colour or the texture of your Barrier windows or doors, you can choose your favourite shades from a wide range of colours. 

The Barrier colour palette for windows

Modernize your home in a unique style

Aluminium plating

Easily change the look of your living space. Increase the strength of your windows and doors as you wish, and enjoy a long-lasting unique design. 

Barrier 360

Successfully completes all projects. Barrier experts provide recommendations to architects, drafters and designers regarding the design and installation of the PVC joinery.  

Ask for advice from the Barrier experts

For more information or questions about the PVC joinery services, you can always contact our team by phone or email.